Mooney 201 share

We have a one-fifth share for sale in our longstanding Mooney 201 syndicate, G-BKMA.


We are based at Cambridge Airport.  Mike Alpha is kept in Number One hangar and is put online and fuelled on request by Marshalls’ staff.

The aircraft

Mike Alpha is a Mooney 201 built in 1982 and imported into the UK in 1992.  It was bought by the existing syndicate in 1992 and brought to Cambridge where it has remained since.  It is a superb aircraft for IFR touring, but probably best described as a 2+2 rather than a four seater.  It’s not really the aircraft to go around grass strips, but is excellent for European and longer distance UK touring.

Mike Alpha is extremely well equipped:

Over the past few years, the avionics has been significantly updated and is now extremely good.

These combined provide the capability of flying a complete IFR trip, from 400 ft on climb-out to 200 feet on approach, including VNAV.

Additionally there is a legacy DME and ADF, and a GNS430 GPS and second radio.

A Golze satellite weather system provides in-flight weather and is supplemented by a Stormscope.  There is a semi-permanently installed PilotAware with external antennas which provides traffic information to SkyDemon or other EFB.

Accessories owned by the group include:

Paintwork and upholstery are in generally good condition.

The aircraft has 5,500 hours, and the engine currently about 2000.  Given the leadtime on engines, we have recently placed an order for a new factory-remanufactured engine with a view to installing it in February 2024 alongside the next annual.  In addition we plan to install a high-end engine monitor.

The syndicate

There are currently five members of the syndicate, all instrument qualified (either IR or IR(R) ).  Generally we are very flexible about when we fly with a high degree of give and take between syndicate members.  We are prepared to spend money to keep MA in a good state of equipment and repair.

We would expect someone who joins us to:


Capital costs:  We value the aircraft and syndicate as it stands (ie with existing engine) at £85,000.  The budget for the new engine and engine monitor is approximately £70,000, part of has been paid as a deposit.  That will make the overall aircraft value £155,000 when the new engine and engine monitor is fitted.  The new share owner will also pay into, or be credited, their share of the current working capital balance in the syndicate account.

Running costs:

Accounts covering all income and expenditure are available for previous years.



If you’re interested in joining us, please contact Paul Ruskin at