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The next BGA Flight Radio Telephony Operator's License (FRTOL) course will run sometime over the 2021 / 2022 winter - most likely in February / March 2022.

It is suitable for glider pilots who want to get their FRTOL, or who already have one and want to learn more about and practice using a radio in a glider.

The course generally runs for six weeks, with Zoom based sessions once a week in the evening. Most of the work is done by self study using the course material found on this site, but in the Zoom sessions we review the material and breakout into small groups for practice with a coach. There is no cost for the course, but you can expect a charge to take the exam and possibly to get the license.

At the end of the course, we aim to help those who want to to take the exam.

Please indicate your interest by signing up below. We also welcome coaches who are able to help on the course - please fill in the form and select 'Coach' in the last question.