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The next course FRTOL course will start on Tuesday January 10th 2023 at 1930 via Zoom. The formal sessions will run for six weeks, followed, for those who want it, by up to another six weeks of coaching.

To join the course as a student, you need to do two things:

  1. Fill in the form below and press 'subscribe'.

  2. Pay the small course fee of £30. Once you have signed up please go to this page to pay the fee. Make sure you use the same name and email address as you used in step 1. We use the fee to pay the out of pocket expenses for the course, and will donate the remaining money to a good gliding related cause. Thanks to PPL/IR Europe for making available this payment mechanism to us.

To join the course as a coach, there is no fee - just fill in the form below and answer 'coach' to the last question.