Airfields that we fly past

This is the content of a talk I gave in April 2021 entitled "What you need to know about airfields that we fly past" to Cambridge GC.

The aim was to discuss each of the larger airfields we fly past regularly whilst doing tasks of up to 500km.  I looked at what happens at those airfields and particularly what we might expect the traffic from them to be doing.  Some have instrument approaches in Class G, some have fast moving aircraft.  

I also discussed how to talk to them, how helpful they might be, and what reception we might get if we try and land there.

It is pitched at anyone who is an active cross country pilot, and anyone who is working up to that.  Although it was given to Cambridge GC, it covers airfields across much of southern UK, so ought to be relevant to many other gliding clubs in the area.

The slides for the talk can be downloaded here, and the video is below.