Part 1 (and pre-reading)

Part 1  of the course consists of pre-reading and an introductory session.


The  pre-reading contains material you need to know - at least look it over before getting too deeply into the videos.

BGA FRTOL course - Annex - Pre reading V3.pdf

Part 1 - Introduction

The slides for Part 1 can be found here.

The breakout group script for Part 1 of the course is below

BGA FRTOL course - Part 1 - Introduction V3.pdf
Part 1 Group Work V3.pdf

Here's a map to work with during the breakout if you need it.  Coaches can screenshare this.

Script Rehearser

The instructions for installing and using Script Rehearser can be found here.  It's most suited to a phone or tablet (either IoS or Android).

Most of the Script Rehearser files have been updated  on 5th Decmber 2023.  The folder with all the files in is here.

Use on a PC

Robbe Sainsbury's guide for using Script Rehearser on a PC (and possibly a Mac) can be found here.  Please let us have feedback if you find this useful.  However, this is for the technically knowledgable.  

One piece of feedback is: "I think what solved the problem for me was to make sure that the text to speech file downloaded was the Speech Recognition and synthesiser from Google which includes a text to speech app in it.  Once this had been exchanged for another text to speech app that I had downloaded , everything then worked.  "