Script Rehearser Instructions

Here are instructions about how to install Script Rehearser and load scripts onto it.

  • First load the app onto your device (see Installation Instructions below), and make the changes suggested to the settings in the app
  • Then load the scripts from the website (see 'Loading a script')
  • Then use the app to practice (see 'Using Script Rehearser')

Installation instructions

1. Install Script Rehearser (from Engram Ltd) via the App Store (for iPad / iPhone) or Play Store (Android)

2. Go to settings. Select ‘Start Rehearsing’ then

a. Android – touch the three dots symbol top right, and ‘settings;

b. iPad / iPhone – touch the settings symbol at the bottom of the screen

3. Select the following (press on the item shown below in italics and then select the option shown below in bold:

a. Display my lines: After speaking them

b. Stop at each of my lines: Unless I press Prompt or Play

c. Notes and Stage Directions: Ignore

Loading a script on an iPad / iPhone

1. Press the Home button on the front of the iPad. Tap on the Safari browser icon.

2. Go to the scripts folder

3. The name of the script should appear in the middle of the screen, with a blue Download button. Tap on it. (You must download a file that ends with “.rhr”. Do not download if the file name ends in “.zip”).

4. You’ll be asked if you want to download the item. Tap on “Download” to confirm.

5. When the download finishes, a circular download icon will appear next to the address bar at the top of the screen. Tap it. A menu showing downloads will appear. Tap on the name of the downloaded file.

6. On the next screen, tap on the “Send” icon in the top right.

7. In the drop-down menu that now appears, scroll the icons to the left until you see the Script Rehearser icon and “Copy to Script Rehearser”. Tap on it.

8. The Script Rehearser app will now open, with the script that you’ve just downloaded listed under “Script Library”. Tap on it.

Loading a script on Android

Without using a cable

1. Go to the scripts folder from the browser on your phone

2. Double click the script you want

3. Select open with ‘Script rehearser’ / Always if you're given that option

Using a cable

1. Plug your Android device into your PC

2. Select your phone under the "This PC" menu

3. Double click on the Phone icon, then Rehearser, then Scripts

4. Copy the scripts from the scripts folder to the folder on your phone

5. Go to your device and start Script Rehearser

  • Click on Start Rehearsing
  • Click the '+' button
  • Select "Import Rehearser File" from the menu
  • Select the script you want to load

Using Script Rehearser

1. Press the 'Start Rehearsing' button

2. Select the script you want

See above for how to load new scripts from the website

3. Use the play controls at the bottom of the screen to step through the script.

Use the settings (see Installation instructions) so that what you should say is not shown until you've had a go.

There are some good instructions on the Script Reader website here