Trainee materials

Useful materials

Please use these links to find (and download):

  1. The TMG Extension Syllabus. We will keep your completed copy (and training records) safely at the club. However it will be useful for your own reference.

  2. A copy of the Flight Manual. It’s a relatively thin manual. Please read through it. G-BODU has a 55 litre tank but no fuel pump.

  3. A copy of the radio manual for your own reference.

  4. A copy of the checklist for G-BODU. You will need to learn the airborne checks.

  5. A copy of the Performance Document (TBD). We’ve written this, based on figures in the Flight Manual and experience, as an educational item – especially for someone who has gliding experience but no power flying experience. Unlike gliding you are far more on your own and have more decisions to make!

  6. Briefings for the various exercises. This will help to standardise you. Example – the Flight Manual recommends a 49 kts approach speed. This is fine in calm conditions when flown perfectly. Experience has shown us that using 60 kts works much better. You will lose a little through any wind gradient, and it avoids you ending up in the awkward position of trying to land with no or little spoiler.

  7. Spare Nav Logs (TBD)

  8. Copies of sample completed Nav Logs (TBD)

  9. Suggested RT for TMG at Gransden Lodge

  10. You might also find Part 4 of the FRTOL course useful, since it demonstrates the RT on a TMG flight from Sywell to Cambridge.

  11. Technical notes for G-BODU