BGA FRTOL course

Welcome to the BGA Flight Radio Telephony Operator License (FRTOL) course for 2023. This course is intended for three sets of people.

  • Glider pilots who want to know how to use the radio whilst flying a glider (and to get their FRTOL)

  • Glider pilots who have a FRTOL and want a reminder on what to say and when

  • Experienced radio users who are prepared to help others learn these skills

The course will start on Tuesday 10th January 2023 at 1930 UTC via Zoom.

The test

The old FRTOL test was designed around a powered aeroplane flight, . This is a somewhat different operation from a glider flight, but the CAA are changing the test so that it can be taken by a glider pilot as if they were operating a glider. This course is designed around the new test, and has the benefit that it is directly useful for glider operations, whilst resulting in a full FRTOL. As of January 2023, the CAA have partially rolled out the new test to examiners.

The course

There are videos which you will need to study prior to the online sessions.

In the six online sessions we will reprise key messages, and focus on giving you practice with coaches. Following the course we will link you with a coach to practice prior to the test.

You can find all the course material here.

The course assumes a Bronze badge level of knowledge. If you haven't done that, go to the Background Theory page, where you'll find some things to help you catch up.

Coaching scheme - and signing up

We welcome new coaches to help us deliver the course. Please sign up using the sign up link on the left, and answer 'Coach' to the last question.