Course materials

The course consists of a set of videos, backed up by pdfs of the slides which take you through different parts of the course.  There is also some useful pre-reading.

The course assumes you have Bronze standard knowledge (that is, you've passed the Bronze badge theory).  If not, you may well find it useful to look at the Background Theory page, which links to some resources that will be useful reading and viewing.

The six parts of the course are listed below.


The  pre-reading contains material you need to know - at least look it over before getting too deeply into the videos.

BGA FRTOL course - Annex - Pre reading V2.0.pdf

Part 1 - Introduction

The slides for Part 1 can be found here.

The breakout group script for Part 1 of the course is below

BGA FRTOL Part 1 breakout V2.pdf

The instructions for installing and using Script Rehearser can be found here.

Robbe Sainsbury's guide for using Script Rehearser on a PC (and possibly a Mac) can be found here.  Please let us have feedback if you find this useful.

Part 2 - The flight

In this part we carry out a fairly typical cross country flight in a glider.

The slides for Part 2 can be found here.

During the online session we will make use of the following.  It would be useful if you could make sure that you can see them during the session (either on screen, or by printing).

Part 2 group work

Part 2 Group Work Script Enstone and Oxford V5.pdf

The script rehearser file for Part 2 Group Work (v4) can be found here

Lastly, there's quite a good explainer on Air Traffic Zones from the Air Safety Initiative which I've included below.


Part 3 - The flight (continued)

The second half of our flight

The slides for Part 3 can be found here.

During the online session we will make use of the following.  It would be useful if you could make sure that you can see them during the session (either on screen, or by printing).

Part 3 - Lakenheath (Rev F uploaded 22 Jan 23)

Part 3 Group Work - Lakenheath RevF.pdf

Part 3 - Brize

Part 3 Group Work - Brize RevE.pdf

The Script Rehearser files for Lakenheath and Brize can be found by clicking on the links.

Part 4 - The TMG flight

In this section we look at how a powered flight would work, using a TMG flight between Sywell and Cambridge as an example.

The slides for Part 4 can be found here.

During the online session we will make use of the following.  It would be useful if you could make sure that you can see it during the session (either on screen, or by printing).

Part 4 Group Work - Cambridge

Part 4 Group Work - Cambridge V1.pdf

The Script Rehearser script for Cambridge (V2) is here

Other videos

The video below is a good example of a real life flight from Redhill to Norwich by The Flying Reporter.  The RT isn't perfect, but it will give you a good sense of how it all actually works.

In the same series we have a flight to an airfield with an AGCS

A flight to an airfield with an AFIS

A flight to an airfield with ATC

And a flight to an airfield in CAS

Lastly a helicopter flight.  The RT in this is not bad, though not perfect.  It's a well made video though - it's a nice flight.

Part 5 - Emergencies

Here we deal with emergencies and direction finding 

The slides can be found here

The breakouts are going to be a little different for this week.  You can find the brief for them here.

The flight is going to be based on the Sywell to Cambridge flight from Part 4.  To help, we've included an extract of the half million map for that flight.  You may need to download it to make it big enough.  

Map © Copyright Civil Aviation Authority 2019. Used under copyright teaching exemption. See: 

Thanks to Chris Walsh for the following video which explores how a Listening Squawk can be helpful in avoiding serious airspace infringements 

Part 6 - The test (but mostly practice)

In this part we will describe how the exam will work - however, we won't know exactly how till nearer to the session.

Most of the time will be spent practising in breakouts.  To be getting on with, here is the route that you can practice, with a full script.  Try and get to the point where you don't need the script, and can cope with different things happening.

We updated the following scripts as of 31 March 2021, so if you have earlier versions it's worth downloading these, and replacing the ScriptRehearser scripts 

Practice Route 1

BGA FRTOL Practice Route 1 v8.pdf
BGA FRTOL Practice Route 2 V4.pdf
BGA FRTOL Practice Route 3 V4.pdf
BGA FRTOL Practice Route 4 V3.pdf

Practice Route 5

BGA FRTOL Practice Route 5 V2.pdf

Adobe Fill and Sign

A video describing how to use Adobe Fill and Sign (on a iPad, iPhone or Android) is below.  Note that the latest version of Adobe Acrobat on the PC also has Fill and Sign functionality (it's just a neat way of adding some text and a signature to a pdf file).


General RT references

Useful books

Exams and Examiners

Test Guidance and crib sheet

General flying references

Other useful material

Applying for your FRTOL



V1 - 24 March 2020 - Original release

V1.1 - 10 April 2020

V1.1b - 14 April 2020

Course material for coaching sessions:  V1 added 19 April 2020

Example videos for Part 4 added 9 May 2020

References and acknowledgement added 13 May 2020

Pre-reading extended to include TK material - 18 May 2020

V2.0 January 2021 - Various minor changes and updates to the course slides.

20 March 2021 - minor revisions to the Part 6 scripts.

31 Jan 2022 - Part 2 group work (Enstone) and issued slides updated

1 Feb - 1 March 2022 Various changes to scripts - make sure you've got the latest

28 Mar 22 - I've tried to get rid of most of the OneDrive links since people were having problems.  Let's try Google instead!

2 Jan 23 - minor updates to reflect new course and small changes to regulatory issues (examiners etc)

5 jan 23 - detail added to Exam and Examiners section in Course Materials page.