Field landing training

Cross country flying and field landings

The video below is a discussion about how to fly cross country and make a sensible field selection and landing.  It is intended to be watched in conjunction with the other materials linked to on this page.

The BGA Field landing videos:

A really good resource for field landing training is the BGA field landing videos, which are linked to below.

Introduction; The process of field selection; Size, slope, surface 

Obstacles on the approach; The effect of wind; The biggest is not always the best! 

Slope: identifying and dealing with it... 

Surface, early spring to mid-season; What's growing, can we land on it?; Winter and spring cereal crops; Tram-lines and tractor wheelings; Oil-seed rap; Introducing grass fields. 

Grass for silage, hay and pasture 

Horses, stud farms and gallops; Sheep; Cattle and stock-fences; Identifying fences and avoiding landing across colour changes 

Overhead wires; Spotting the poles; Approaching harvest 

Harvest time, stubble and straw; Random tractor tracks; Land along the direction of cut; After the harvest; Happy landings 

Crop Types

Additionally, this website has images of a variety of different types of crops.  It's well worth studying.

BGA Field Landing Safety Briefing

The BGA has published this safety briefing on  field landing which is a good summary.